Promoting Cultural Awareness

The Orthodox Jewish community, often called Charedi, has distinctive religious and cultural needs and we are aware that raising awareness of these needs results in increased understanding and sensitivity and a better working partnership between providers and the community. We have developed a Cultural Awareness training session which forms part of our induction program for all carers. We deliver our Cultural Awareness training program to statutory organisations including social services and Homerton Hospital.

We have established a “strategy forum” between key community organisations and senior managers of the local Homerton Hospital. The forum meets quarterly and deals with cultural as well as other issues and influences the planning and delivery of services resulting in improved patient experience.

Our advocacy service provides support to individuals in the community who require assistance in accessing statutory service and we represent service users’ needs on an individual basis and at strategy level. If you would like more information about our Training Days (full and half day courses available) please contact Yocheved Eiger on 020 8800 7575.

If you would like to order our Guide for Carers which provides practical advice on caring for people from the charedi community, please call Reception on 020 8800 7575. The guide is available at a cost of £5.00 which includes P&P.

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