Volunteering was the first of Bikur Cholim’s projects and remains at the heart of the organisation.  Our work with the most vulnerable members of the community supports the evidence that social isolation presents serious risks to health and wellbeing.

Bikur Cholim’s volunteer coordinators recruit, train and support our growing team of volunteers and manage our volunteer project.  This includes:

  • Visitors to people who are challenged by illness.
  • Accompaniment on hospital appointments and treatments for older people, people with learning disabilities or language difficulties, or those who simply wish for a hand to hold or shoulder to lean on.
  • Volunteers to provide respite to main carers so that they can get some time off.
  • Volunteers to entertain young children undergoing treatment including play activities, arts and crafts and storytelling.
  • A befriending service.
  • A mental health volunteer service specifically for people with mental health problems. The project encourages service users to enjoy a social life in the community. With the introduction of this service the mental health project has taken on a new dimension. For many, friendships and social inclusion have complemented their medical intervention and have been instrumental in the recovery process.

Chasdei Hindy is our Young Volunteers program for volunteers age 16+. This service was started in 2006 by a group of young people, friends of Hindy Grunwald, a young girl who died suddenly that year, at age 15. Hindy was a dedicated volunteer who loved helping families and children and her legacy of support and caring lives on in the hearts of our growing team of young volunteers who are perpetuating her mission by supporting families with young children.

Our volunteers are from local schools and colleges and each year our successful recruitment drives attracts new members. All our volunteers must join a comprehensive induction and training program which includes Child Protection. Our volunteers assist with families of young children some of whom are disabled and provide support with feeding, bathing, bedtime and homework.

Click here to view our leaflet on how to be the best Chasdei Hindy Volunteer

Our Big Sister Program is a befriending and mentoring program for young children facing challenge due to their own illness or the illness of a parent. Our Big Sister Program carefully matches Volunteers and provide a listening ear and shoulder to lean as well great fun filled activities such as trips to museums and parks, arts and crafts sessions and toys and gifts to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.

To find out more about Chasdei Hindy, please call Reisy Abeless, Volunteer Coordinator on 020 8800 7575 or email [email protected]

Click here to view our leaflet on how to be the best Mentor

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