We support people who may be marginalised to speak up, understand their rights and make choices by providing independent, confidential advocacy about how to access and engage with services, rights and how to exercise rights, complaints procedure and getting legal support.

Stigma, isolation and inequality are some of the biggest challenges faced by people with learning disabilities, mental health problems, and dementia.

We are working with people to address these challenges.

We believe that when an individual has a voice, understands their rights and makes choices, real change can happen. And that everyone has the right to influence decisions affecting their lives.

“ I would like to record my appreciation to you and your colleagues for the way in which you have facilitated communication between me and my client. As you know, she and all her family are severely affected by ill health and without your kind assistance, communication with her would have been much more difficult, which would have been greatly to her detriment. I commend your organisation for all the wonderful work that it does”.
David Sonn