Bikur Cholim is registered as a Domiciliary Care provider with Care Quality Commission (CQC). In March 2010, Hackney Council awarded Bikur Cholim ‘Preferred Primary Provider’ status for Homecare for Adults and Older People of the Charedi Community. In 2011, we achieved provider status for Hackney’s Disabled Children’s Team and we are the only Charedi Continuing Care provider commissioned by the Primary Care Trust.

Our hospital transport service provides car voucher with local mini cab service for patients for whom public transport is unsuitable, including frail older people and those travelling with disabled young children.

857 car vouchers provided this year

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Hospital Sandwich Program

Our volunteers visit daily and deliver sandwiches and smiles to patients and their carers / visitors.

Shabbos Hospital Meals Service

A taste (or a large portion) of traditional Shabbos menus are beautifully presented in our Shabbos Meals Service.

Friday night menu: challos, grape juice, salmon and gefilte fish, soup, chicken, farfel, kugel, tzimes Shabbos lunch menu:  challos, grape juice, salmon and gefilte fish, eggs and liver, cholent and cold cuts.

These Shabbos meals are available through the meals service at the following hospitals:

  • Homerton Hospital
  • Royal Free Hospital

The meals are also available for delivery to any other hospital by ordering them from Bikur Cholim and asking ward staff to warm them on the ward.


Our volunteers visit patients and provide respite to main carers bringing joy and comfort. They are trained to listen, offer gentle support, read books and play games, brightening the day for those in hospital isolated from friends and family. Our volunteers who visit children bringing respite and relief to parents are trained to play age appropriate games, read stories and provide fun and entertainment bringing smiles and hope to children and young people challenged by illness.

Click here to view our leaflet on how to be the best Hospital Visitor


Providing accommodation to those staying overnight in hospital with patients.

Community Flat at the Homerton Hospital

This purposely designed community flat at the Homerton Hospital provides accommodation to those staying overnight in hospital with patients. It comprises four self contained en-suite bedrooms and is located on the hospital campus.

If you would like to book a room please call: 07775 737 285.

In an emergency or on Shabbos, bookings can be made directly with Security located near the front entrance of the Homerton Hospital.

Location: Hill House Homerton Ground


  • Fridge
  • Kettle
  • Shabbos Urn
  • Meaty Microwave
  • Hot plate
  • Snacks
  • Coffee Tea Milk
  • Reading Material
  • Seforim
  • Personal Packs
  • Washing Machine
  • Bed linen & Towels
  • Shabbos Lamps
  • Shabbos Keys belt


  • The flat is situated within hospital grounds. (Eiruv in place.)
  • Sleeps 6 
  • 2 double en-suite rooms
  • 2 single en-suite rooms

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Hospital visits by our volunteers this year