Susan, 18 – Diabetes and severe Learning Disabilities

Susan is an eighteen year old girl with severe Learning Disabilities and Diabetes. Her management of her Diabetes has been a challenge as she is unable to prepare her own meals and has great difficulty in carb counting and adjusting her insulin. Susan referred to our service as she wanted to move into her own flat and “be an adult” but recognised that she would need a significant level of support to make this a reality. Our support worker accompanied her on viewings to several flats and provided her with advice about how to access Housing Benefit. When Susan moved into her own home she described it as the happiest day in her life. When the support worker joined her at a one to one session with the Dietician at the Diabetes Clinic at the Homerton Hospital so that they could together learn how to plan meals and prepare them, Susan was happier still.

But nothing could beat the smile on her face, when she cooked her own meal and was able to weigh and carb count ensuring she got the insulin levels right.

“Now I am adult and I feel like one too. It is my support worker who has given me the confidence and skills to get me here”