Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Klar, Chai Lifeline USA Visits London

The three day whirlwind visit by Rabbi Yaakov Klar, Associate Director of

Project Chai - Chai lifeline,Crisis Intervention,Trauma And Bereavement Dept

USA to the Stamford Hill Community In North London, organised and hosted by Bikur Cholim D’Satmar, left a lasting imprint on the many hundreds of participants of the two unique workshops he presented.

On Monday evening, Rabbi Klar addressed a full hall of women including Head teachers, teachers and mentors and in a soul stirring way described the challenges experienced by students for whom their home environment is unstable due to various difficult circumstances including trauma, bereavement, and other difficult situations.

Rabbi Klar spoke about his own personal life changing experience when as a twelve year old boy his own father was diagnosed with serious illness and whilst the adults in his life worked so hard to protect him, the suspicion only added to his anguish. Rabbi Klar spoke about the importance of treating all children with the dignity and respect they deserve and how to manage challenging situations in the classroom.

The soul stirring presentation was followed by a lively interactive Question and Answer session and the number of questions and the issues which were raised were a clear form of evidence of the interest that had been sparked and how relevant the discussion was.

In a similar presentation to Menahalim and Melamdim on Wednesday evening at the Vishnitz Hall on Lampard Grove, hundreds of Mechanchim benefitted from Rabbi Klar’s thought provoking presentation and practical guidance on how to treat each child as “normal” whilst having regard for his specific needs.

Questions and Answers continued until late and the thirst for further training in this area was demonstrated by the demands from the audience for more sessions.