Chasdei Hindy Malave Malka Event

Motzei Shabbos Parshas Tezaveh 28 Feb 15

Chasdei Hindy, the Young Volunteers at Bikur Cholim celebrated another year of chessed at their Annual Melave Malka last Motzei Shabbos Parshas Tezaveh.  Over 150 girls, age 16 plus together with the volunteer coordinators and managers gathered at the YHS Junior School Hall and enjoyed an exciting program and beautifully prepared buffet.

Mrs M Sprung, Volunteer Coordinator, welcomed all the participants and thanked them for their commitment and endless dedication to families who are challenged by illness and/or disability.  The girls have provided thousands of hours of support over the year and their activities include help with suppers, bathtime and bedtime, trips to the park, baking sessions, homework support as well as countless other exciting innovative and personalized opportunities including arts and crafts and birthday celebrations.

 The girls were particularly touched by a presentation which was made by a mother whose life had been changed due to the support of the Chasdei Hindy volunteers who helped her continue to manage at home and keep her children safe and happy despite a health crisis.  In line with the Parsah, she described the Me’il worn by the Kohein Gadol and the bells which were attached which heralded the Kohen Gadol’s entrance, and compared this to the impact made when the door bell rings letting families know that the Chasdei Hindy volunteers have arrived.  These girls may not always be aware of the family’s full circumstances and may not always realise the difference they are making but the effects are life changing for the grateful recipients.

Miss R Schneck arranged a musical entertainment which featured a special tribute song composed by Miss E Lewin.   This was followed by a kumzits and bentching.  The event which is the highlight in the Chadei Hindy calendar filled the girls with a renewed commitment and ongoing vigour to continue their chessed activities.

Chasdei Hindy