The fire of yiddishkeit was seen burning bright both physically and figuratively last Sunday night 8th Feb 2015 when Eretz Yisrael artist Renana Aish showcased her fire dancing and gave an account of her exotic life and eventual return to Torah Judaism.

A large audience congregated at the YHS Schmidt Bodner Suite in Egerton Rd to hear of the dedicated work that Bikur Cholim does all year and to show their support.

Witnessing Renana's unbelievable athletic abilities and ability to handle rods with real fire in so agile a way was awe inspiring, yet even more so was her account of how she left a career of fame and financial success for the emes of Torah and Mitzvos. She kept the audience spellbound with stories of her various wanderings and sometimes bizarre experiences and the lessons she derived from them.

Chairing the evening was Mrs Blimi Jungreis who praised the vital work of Bikur Cholim, explaining how they operate in so many areas and fill a n indispensable need in the community. Head of Bikur Cholim, Mrs Ruchy Cohen, reported about the many support groups that Bikur Cholim facilitate. Mrs Naomi Spitzer, head of adults and elderly provision described the unbelievable dedication of the volunteers. she shared how when she first joined the organisation she had no clue as to what Bikur Cholim does and was overwhelmed to find out in how many areas they provide care. she also emphasised to what extent the organisation goes to ensure confidentiality , candidly confiding that after a hard day at work she can never relax by telling her family about her day because she is bound by the confidentiality that her work demands. she related how one volunteer fell ill herself and required their help and at the same time continued receiving calls from other staff members requesting her volunteering services which she was unable to provide, being incapacitated herself. Rebetzen Fruma Korn, wife of late Rabbi Mordechai Korn spoke about her personal experiences both as a recipient during the time of her husband’s illness and as a volunteer.

Local talent came to fore with a group of schoolgirls giving a concert with singing and an impressive array of musical instruments. This production was conducted by Miss Dobby Schwartz.

The prize raffle with a range of trips abroad to be won was an exciting end to a beautiful and impressive evening of entertainment and a display of the amazing chessed going on in our community.                                                                                           (N. Gold)