Annual Evening Sunday 26th January 2014

Bikur Cholim held its 15th Annual Evening on Sunday at the Yesodey Hatorah Hall, as always attracting a large crowd to its spectacular programme.

The proceedings were opened by a founding member of Bikur Cholim. Following was an address by Rebbetzin Jungreis - her poignant anecdotes and thought provoking message left the audience inspired to volunteer for chessed. The audience then heard inside information about Bikur Cholim from Mrs C Smith, the children and families coordinator, who illustrated how far Bikur Cholim extends itself to help someone in need, whether a patient or their family.

Mrs Wendy Runge of Iowa, United States, then took the spotlight to deliver her keynote address. Sentenced to 10yrs imprisonment, Mrs Runge was miraculously released after 6 months.

A talented young soloist sang a stirring song about the life of a teenage patient, leaving the audience moved to tears. The evening ended with a grand prize draw.